aloha modern beach blanket

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The Round Beach Blanket is laha ʻole, unique and beautiful, sized at five feet in diameter. These soft, 100% cotton towels with twisted tassels have a large surface giving lots of room to spread out. The round design is ideal for sunbathing, adjusting to the suns movement not needing to get up and move the towel, taking keiki to beach as a play mat, or just lounging at home.

Helu Po: MO‘OLELO: Mahina, moon, organized Hawaiian time with the passing of each moon phase was the passing of each day. Each cycle is made up of 29.5 days. Our lunar calendar is divided into three periods: hoʻonui (growing bigger), poepoe (round), and emi (decreasing). The moon also directed the activities of kanaka around farming, fishing and gathering.

Na Makani: MO‘OLELO: The compass includes the four cardinal directions in Hawaiian and the four quadrants delineated by the four points, which are named for predominant winds that originate from these general directions: Koʻolau (northeast), Hoʻolua (northwest), Malanai (southeast), and Kona (southwest). Biodiversity and early oceanic explorations in the Pacific depended closely on the regular wind patterns, since wind was their main source of transportation. There was the kona, a wind from the south, of great violence and of wide extent. The Hoʻolua and Koʻolau winds blow from the north, bringing the rain. Malani brings gentle warm ocean breezes.